[vc_row][vc_column][toranj_double_carousel_container leftsidedir=”up” show_nav=”yes”][toranj_double_carousel_item bgcolor=”#444444″ title=”Head of Strategy & Innovation” big_title=”Justice Rutenge” add_socials=”yes” image=”1688″ facebook=”#” twitter=”#” linkedin=”#”]Development professional experienced in program design, M&E, research and learning in a wide range of sectors; Communications and digital tech. innovator and entrepreneur, passionate about using creative approaches to grow businesses and achieve social impact; Columnist with The Citizen, and commentator on social and political issues; 2016 Mandela Washington Fellow.[/toranj_double_carousel_item][toranj_double_carousel_item bgcolor=”#444444″ title=”Creative Director” big_title=”Bill Gwakisa Mwaipopo” add_socials=”yes” image=”1684″ facebook=”#” twitter=”#” linkedin=”#”]Bill Gwakisa Mwaipopo holds an Advanced Diploma in Software Engineering and is currently pursuing a Business Administration degree from the University of Dar es Salaam. Amongst Bill’s strengths is the ability to design and develop logic and algorithms based on content that is suited for the respective target audiences, all that can be fed into various systems built on digital platforms (USSD, Web, Mobile etc.), something that is constantly done at iDev.[/toranj_double_carousel_item][toranj_double_carousel_item bgcolor=”#444444″ title=”Head of Operations & Client Services” big_title=”Edna Mujwahuzi” add_socials=”yes” image=”1686″ facebook=”#” twitter=”#” linkedin=”#”]Edna holds a Public Relations degree from St. Augustine University in Tanzania and a Master’s Degree in Project Management from Kampala International University. Before joining iDev, Edna worked for Coca-Cola in Tanzania, IGM Consulting Services and Twenty4D.[/toranj_double_carousel_item][toranj_double_carousel_item bgcolor=”#444444″ title=”Art Director” big_title=”Goodluck Mosha” add_socials=”yes” image=”1687″ facebook=”#” twitter=”#” linkedin=”#”]Goodluck holds a Bachelor of Science in Computer Engineering and Information Technology from the University of Dar es Salaam. Goodluck is a talented animator, programmer and game developer.

[/toranj_double_carousel_item][toranj_double_carousel_item bgcolor=”#444444″ title=”Senior Creative Associate” big_title=”Shaphii Omary” add_socials=”yes” image=”1690″ facebook=”#” twitter=”#” linkedin=”#”]Shafii Omary Mfyuzi, or popularly known as JK Comedian, is a talented voice artist, comedian, and content writer, producer and actor. Shafii hold a first degree from Mzumbe University.[/toranj_double_carousel_item][toranj_double_carousel_item bgcolor=”#444444″ title=”Senior Creative Associate” big_title=”Charles Lwoga” add_socials=”yes” image=”1685″ facebook=”#” twitter=”#” linkedin=”#”]Charles holds a Bachelor of Science in Computer Engineering and Information Technology from the University of Dar es Salaam. He is a passionate and talented digital illustrator and animator.[/toranj_double_carousel_item][toranj_double_carousel_item bgcolor=”#444444″ title=”Creative Associate” big_title=”Kevin Mchopa” add_socials=”yes” image=”1689″ facebook=”#” twitter=”#” linkedin=”#”]Kevin Mchopa is a young and budding voice artist and content creator and comedian. Kevin (or his alter-ego) is pursuing his first degree in Microbiology at the University of Bagamoyo.[/toranj_double_carousel_item][toranj_double_carousel_item bgcolor=”#444444″ title=”Creative Associate” big_title=”Zumba Malili” add_socials=”yes” image=”1691″ facebook=”#” twitter=”#” linkedin=”#”]Zumba Malili has multiple years of experience in illustrating and is one of the most renowned cartoonists and character designers in the country.[/toranj_double_carousel_item][/toranj_double_carousel_container][/vc_column][/vc_row]